Thursday, April 24, 2008

GenX vs Baby Boomers?

"A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not as likely to insist upon or regard that quality in its chosen leaders today - and in fact we have forgotten." John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Hillary Clinton took Pa by double digits after all and is still in the race. You didn't really expect her to bail, did you? If you've learned anything about committed Baby Boomers, you should know that only the zonked-out aging stoners among us are anywhere near ready to quit.

My GenX galpal Amy Z. Quinn, aka Citizen Mom, aka Confetti Betty, summed up the PA Primary with some pithy comments about the disconnect between GenXers and Baby Boomers vis a vis Obama and Clinton.

Putting things in prospective earlier this month, a lot of what she posits is the real deal.

As for the rest, well. Where to begin. First, I feel old, disenfranchised and just generally dissed by my GenX counterparts. It might surprise you to learn that not all of us burned our bras, some Boomers really did effect meaningful change.

We helped create, then joined and served in the Peace Corps for example... no small achievement. We boycotted not only stocks but products too. Think Chavez and grapes/lettuce. Dow Chemical. The Draft.

We didn't simply join hands, sing Kumbaya and march for Civil Rights legislation, the oldest of us helped write many of those laws. Not to mention the late great ERA for women. And hello? Rove V Wade is in our column. I could go on, but jeez, maybe I'm losing my memory.

GenX Obama-mania has had the unfortunate effect of framing all Boomers, including Hillary Clinton, as tired old gasbags whose claims of past glory and victory are vain and empty. Not freakin true, no matter how obnoxiously visible the ubiquitous shillings of aging celebs like the Ms's Keaton and Efron.

GenX, hell, Barack Obama himself, owes a large part of the current campaign--and your Freedom to Bitch and Moan--to the liberating efforts of your Boomer elders.

So instead of wailing on us, maybe some of you could review our former--and potential--achievements, challenges and resulting contributions before you consign us to useless Old Fogeydom.

Let's remember something else the Baby Boomer Generation accomplished: We. Stopped. A. War. And. We. Brought. Down. A. President. So I suggest GenXers stop making fun of us and check out a few pages from our playbook.

Every generation thinks it's reinventing the wheel. Baby Boomers actually crafted a better one. If it's getting a bit creaky, now's the time for both groups to buff it up and roll it together into the future.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

X-marks the spot:

The boomer backlash is legit....your whole entire- and I quote "garbagebarge" of a generation might actually still be held in high esteem for all you "did" back in 1967-71 if you didn't turn into the most self-obsessive, whiny, self-medicating, money grubbing, self-important bunch of 60 year old wannabe teenagers with your weekend harley trips and botox parties. My Xers laugh all the time about the fact that if you boomers are not being told how GREAT your every thought and action is-all the fall apart. You think everythings about YOU.

You can't own up to your own drama and BS....your vanity, and pathetic quest to never grow old is so tired...And your 80's baby spawns are just as ego driven and materialistic as you are, if not more so....

YOU REALLY THINK YOU STOPPED THE WAR?...we LOST that war and all the ones that went over there were mostly African American, Latino, or lower middle class white boys that you treated like garbage when they came home-

Boomers that went to college got a free pass to stay home in the USA, drop LSD and listen to the White Album (or what ever beatles album it was) backwards...OR Sideways....only to make self-indulgent Boomer angst movies LIKE Sideways....about the traumas of growing older, drinking bad merlot, and having to make a commitment to someone other than yourself.

Trungpa Rinpoche a Tibetan Buddhist teacher of the boomers said your mantra should be OM GROW UP OM....

Please wake up from the delusion that you are such a special and unique generation here on planet earth. Get our of your Land Rover SUV, and off your blackberry and do something useful to help the planet.

Love Gen X

4:06 PM  
Blogger Sally Swift said...

FYI, I hated Sideways. And if you're any representation of YOUR generation, you are all a bunch of rude, self-indulgent prigs.

5:26 PM  

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