Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Follies

"Time quickly puts an end to artificial and accidental fame." Samuel Johnson

We can only hope.
But why not end 2007 with trash, it's been that kind of a year. So I grabbed this from AOL's home page: Top 11 Scandals of 2007 - AOL News, though I don't know how they chose the number 11 -- they definitely missed a few of the juicier ones.
OJ comes to mind, for example ... pun intended.

I barely know--or care--about the first two bimbettes on AOL's list. Certainly Imus qualifies. As does Larry Craig. And let's not forget Scooter Libby. But where are the Three Stooges he took the fall for?

In the Insensitive Boob category, they forgot to add the Grey's Anatomy McFiring of Isaiah Washington. The phone stylings of Alec Baldwin. And, of course, Rosie.

Plus, I have to ask, where's Barry Bonds and the Mitchell Steroids in Baseball Report?

How can they let Mattell off the hook? Or Jet Blue?

What about Anna Nicole's Daddy Derby, complete with crackpot granny?

Not to mention the Top Trashy Twits: Paris and Lindsay and the hands down champ... Britney.

Philly's no slouch in the scandal department either. There's Phila Eagles coach Andy Reid's Bad Seeds. And, to close on a bright note, we've got our own TV anchor-bitch Alycia Lane right up there with a last-minute Offensive Behavior of the Year award.

I'm so pumped to see who will misbehave in 2008. At least we'll eventually get rid of the biggest scandal of all. Yeah, him.

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