Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another Alex Update - You Can Help

Our most recent nightmare in my 9 year old nephew's battle with VHL is over. And the news is good. Very good. No extra margins. No tumor regrowth. Next check-up will happen without surgery. The best possible outcome we could have wished for ... thank God.

In this season of giving, here's my pitch, courtesy of the Cancer Research Fund - VHL Family Alliance, who's counting on help and support in improving diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for individuals and families living with VHL.

Your donation goes farther in 2005!
Between now and December 31, donations greater than $100 will be matched by the Greene and Lusk families. Your donation will be doubled.

The U.S. Congress passed a tax law allowing taxpayers to deduct 100% of their charitable contributions September thru December 2005. Your tax benefit will be doubled.

Double your gift!

It's in the Genes ... Of some Pretty Terrific People
In this message you will meet three pretty terrific people who have VHL.

Brooke McLaurin, Miss North Carolina
Keith "Kartoon" Richards, a young rapper
Alex A. from New Jersey, age 9
(That's our Alex.)
This year's spokespersons for VHL.

Funding for all our activities comes from members and friends. We depend on your generosity to support our educational programs and to fund research.

Meet the spokespeople

Four Research Grants Awarded
Thanks to your generosity, we were able to fund four new proposals -- a total of $120,000 or 53% of our total expenses this year.

We are encouraging young researchers to study VHL, and helping them gather data so that they can solve another piece of the puzzle of VHL in particular and cancer in general.

Meet the Researchers You are Funding

On the Line ... When You Call
Meanwhile there are still people struggling to get a diagnosis, or to get optimal treatment for the tumors they are dealing with today.

Our Hotline now serves people in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. More than 20,000 people each month are served by our website.

Meet the Hotline Team

We need your help to find a cure. Give online through our secure server, or phone the office, or send a check. Your caring and contributions mean so much!

One more: VHL ALLIANCE receives $1 for every Book Sox you purchase from

Here's how it works:
When you click on this link, VHL ALLIANCE organization number is automatically selected at checkout to receive $1 for every Book Sox you buy. Remember for every 5 sox purchased you will receive one for free.

Thank you. Really. Thank you.

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