Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Entertainment Files

"Exactly when people are in turmoil is the time that entertainment has always been at its best. Because people don't want to be reminded every day that they are under siege, or that they're not having a great time of life." Lionel Richie

Enough with the bad news in the world, just for today. Here are a few video tidbits for the TGIF in all of us.

First up, a video called Tom Cruise Kills Oprah I found through They claim they don't know exactly who created it. Frankly, I'd have preferred to see Oprah "kill" Tom Cruise, but it's clever nonetheless.

A note on Cruise and his Scientology disdain for organized medicine. If he's so set on the concept of extraterrestrial control over body and soul, why did he purchase his own personal ultrasound machine for pregnant Katie Holmes?

Regardless of his professed Scientology beliefs, I guess he wants to make sure the only alien in her womb is the one he put there.

Next, a little something called Grocery Store Wars: Join the Organic Rebellion. This is a truly clever rant against pesticides on food, and great fun to watch. Join the adventures of Cuke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Cannoli, Chewbroccoli and the rest of the Organic Rebels as they fight against Darth Tater and the Dark Side of the Farm.

Last, something for the kids--and for the kid in all of us--from Animal Planet: Einstein the Bird. Unfortunately they don't show Einstein's whole act and you really do want to see it, especially Einstein "gettin down" -- email and I'll send you the mpeg.



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