Saturday, December 10, 2005

Imagine ... Peace

"Guns are neat little things, aren't they? They can kill extraordinary people with very little effort." John Hinckley

I'm belatedly adding my 2 cents to the John Lennon tribute celebration, a la Dan Rubin's Blinq: John Lennon: Oct. 9, 1940 - Dec. 8, 1980.

My offering is a video of a performance from Israel by the amazing young Israeli singer Liel at a celebration for Simon Peres' 80th birthday. In her introduction she tells the crowd, "Tonight I'm going to sing with 80 children -- 40 Jewish children and 40 Arab children. And we all would like to dedicate it to you all, with love and hope: Imagine."

John Lennon's anthem to peace and brotherhood has been performed countless times by numerous musicians all over the world. But can you Imagine a better expression of its spirit and intent than to be sung by Arab and Israeli children, together as one? I can't.

Watch and listen.


And hope.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Using children to forward socio-political agendas just plain sucks. Shimon Peres is a past-master of the game.

What sucks more, tho', is the Cult of Personality -- John Lennon, or otherwise. Dead people are just that, d-e-a-d. Using their good names and memories to forward socio-political agendas is cheap, facile, and unworthy.

Quite honestly, it doesn't mean squat, what entertainers or athletes think about anything; that is, unless one's their friend and/or family.

Cults suck; cults of personality suck even more. I served my country, during Vietnam and afterward; how about you?

7:38 PM  
Blogger Sally Swift said...

I would add that using anger to make a point sort of sucks too.. at the least it isn't helpful.

Regardless of politics or politicians, there are two reasons those Arab and Israeli children were up there on that stage together:

1. their parents agreed
2. they are orphans whose institution agreed.

Either way, the children themselves didn't seem to mind. Which is a step in the right direction for that coming generation.

I don't personally mourn John Lennon, but I do recognize his talent, and the beauty of the song Imagine. If he wrote so movingly for peace, it's hard to believe he'd have a problem with its use in the Middle East.

I'm only sorry they didn't sing it in Arabic and Hebrew too.

And, sincerely, thank you for serving in Vietnam. None of you who served were Ever given the credit, support and appreciation you so totally deserve.

11:27 AM  

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