Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bush - Deal or No Deal?

"History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives." Abba Eban

No matter how much liberal Bloggers howl, gnash our teeth, compose brilliant polemics and write impassioned letters to the editor, it's abundantly clear we have no meaningful effect on the behavior of George W. Bush and his evil minions.

Yes, Bush's approval rating is at an all time--possibly historic--low. But that only means the public has finally begun to agree with us. It hasn't changed anything ... yet. It might have an impact on the next Congressional elections. Which could be our ultimate salvation.

So far nothing has stopped the president from (ugh) 'staying the course' at the continuing expense of thousands of lives and billions of taxpayer dollars. Or from appointing right wing judges. Or from condoning torture ... and corruption, fraud, bribery and other crimes committed by his subordinates and supporters.

Let's not forget the lying. About Iraq. Abu Gharib. Tax cuts. Medicare. Child care. Pollution control. Katrina. Rove. Abramoff. The egregious betrayal of public trust. The arrogant, irresponsible, willful disregard of those most in need. And the inexcusable ineptitude.

Our president has turned America into an international joke.

So what can we do? How can we face nearly 3 more years of this man's malignant influence, his destructive assault on American lives, liberties and freedoms?

Where do we turn? To the impotent Democratic party with its staggering lack of leadership and cohesion? To the national media, hamstrung by right wingnuts or corporate eunuchs? To and other political non-profits struggling to be heard? To Cindy Sheehan? Roy Nagin?


We wait. A sea change is coming. It's happening already.

Conservative Republicans in Congress are increasingly fed up with a leader so incompetent, short-sighted and bull-headed he's jeopardized their perfect little Napoleonic world.

He's becoming an embarrassment. A hindrance. A gigantic albatross. And if he continues on his destructive course, if their power and influence continues to wane and the money tree's cut down ... come election time they'll turn on him like a pack of jackals.

I hope. And pray. In the meantime, let's all continue to howl.

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